Chairman's Message

Chairman Seifeldine Ghali

In an expanding country like Qatar, where construction and landscape are major booming industries, there is quite some space for thriving. Over the past few years, Qatar has witnessed a remarkable growth and development in its economy. In a country where opportunities are seized around the corner of each street, LANDWORX emerged and made its way into this vast and diversified market, surrounded by a relatively big competition.

"Back in 1998, when "Al Nakheel Agriculture & Trading" was established by myself and a unique team of experts, we reached out to the market by offering innovative, differentiated designs & execution of landscaping projects. Having directed this company in its first thirteen years of operation, I can proudly say that I carried the legacy of its reputation."

LANDWORX has revealed its skillfulness and competence when it handled the biggest landscape project in Qatar as its first project. Gulf Times article mentions this project as the "Biggest man-made forest in GCC coming up in Qatar". Our company's first milestone called for the preparation of all Infrastructure works, including excavation of a 280,000 m2 lake, and trenching of 1,000,000 linear meters to cater for plantation of 95,000 trees and the relative irrigation system required. Our professional aspiration is to be able to thrive by using our corporate practices, implementing our expertise to exceed our clients' expectations and take pride of our work.